Nick Viall Shades Bachelor Alums Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron for TikToks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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It seems The Bachelorette stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are spending some time together in Florida during the quarantine, making TikToks by the pool with some friends. But former contestant Nick Viall was less than amused when one video showing the couple with their friends performing a new TikTok dance they learned by the pool gained traction.

During an Instagram live video with The Morning Toast’s Claudia Oshry, the two got to talking about social distancing, something Viall has been using his platform to educate folks about. Viall couldn’t help but to point out some other parties who are not taking the social distancing as seriously as they should. He passionately stated, “Stay the f*ck home. Stop doing TikTok videos with groups of people in a pool.” It would automatically seem that he’s referring to the video posted by Cameron and Brown, under the TikTok banner “@thequarantinecrew.” When Oshry asked if there was someone he was specifically referring to, Viall stated that he was just “pointing it out.”

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The criticism may be referring to the fact that most people are staying isolated from their friends in the comfort of their own homes and keeping their distance from socializing – hence “social distancing” – yet the “Quarantine crew” have been spotted on the beach, a boat and in someone’s backyard, all together. The White House has officially advised everyone to stay in parties no more than 10 people and The Bachelorette couple and their friends appear to be in a group of at least eight people, though the profile picture suggests more.

Nick Viall The Bachelor Holding Rose

Viall also dished on previous relationship speculations with actress Rachel Bilson. It was actually revealed that Bilson has been in a relationship with Saturday Night Live comedian and actor Bill Hader, whom she met on the set of The To Do List. While the relationship between Viall and Bilson was supposedly only a rumor, he still joked that she “traded up,” further commenting, “I’m a big Barry fan.”

Recently, it was speculated that Hannah B. was getting back together with Cameron after photos of the two together at a Florida airport not too far from his house surfaced online. This followed shortly after the passing of Cameron’s mother from a brain aneurysm, a tragic event which seemed to bring the exes together for the first time since their off-screen date following The Bachelorette. A photo was shared to future Bachelorette contestant (and Tyler’s roommate) Matt James’ Instagram account featuring Hannah B. The two were hanging out on a Florida beach amidst nationwide social distancing recommendations.

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It isn’t known at this time when The Bachelorette will return due to the coronavirus halting production.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Page Six

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