Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Cover) by Daniela Andrade

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Whenever I think Gorillaz I think of the most awkward but amazing years of my life; the TEENS. Still love them just as much though. Hope you guys dig this rendition! 🙂

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  1. Eres bella en mirar, diosa al escuchar tu talento.

  2. Me tocas esta canción!!! Me bajo el sombrero!!! Te amo!! . I love

  3. Unliked just to like again

  4. Thanks you just ruined the song.

  5. i started my day with this. now i FEEL GOOD

  6. i watched this video 4 years ago. and your face really reminded me of my ex. long story short, we got back and now married.

  7. I'm so in love with this!

    @Daniela Andrade, please put this one on Spotify also!

    You're an angel!
    why do i keep hearing the bass line without any bass in it?
    I think she's the only person that can actually say "Ass crack" beautifully.

  8. Bring back polos for girls

  9. How does she say “asscrack” so softly without laughing.
    I'm so sad: why did you stop making these amazing cover videos? :'(
    She is real life Noodle, like really tho, guitar, hair, voice, she is Noodle!.

  10. Pretty please !! <3 can you add this version to spotify need this on my playlist

  11. How does she say “asscrack” so softly without laughing.
    1.25 speed and you'll fall in love

  12. her ha ha ha is too good :3

  13. I think she's the only person that can actually say "Ass crack" beautifully.

  14. You are a monster lol in a good way!!!!!!!

  15. This is better than the original in my opinion.

  16. I was in elementary when this song came out ❤

  17. BRUH
    Where are the covers where it matches more with the music?

  18. I… actually really like this. I know it's been since 2015 but nice take on the song.

  19. Almost asmr jeez relaxing af

  20. Hi, I'm from Brazil, and seriously, you're awesome, really beautiful, your voice is beautiful, everything about you is beautiful, I can't stop looking at you

  21. I'm gonna be real pleasantly surprised the day I watch one of these cover videos and it's actually true to the original.

  22. Wow. The song and the singer are beautiful.

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