#163: Not even my final form!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we address the elephant in the room. Or more to the point, we’re NOT in the room as we try this whole “social distancing” craze. How has it impacted us in our professional lives, our toy collecting and the pop culture space in general? Check out our recommendations from the education, social services, retail and unemployment sectors. Darren gives us a quick history lesson before a technical hitch cuts us down to three. But hey hey, it’s ok, don’t leave just yet – we bring it back to the fun stuff cause dammit, we could all do with some of that right now! There’s a new Shredder from NECA and now we all have to buy it! But what else does NECA have in their LootCrate pipeline? Check those subscriptions people! And then there’s LEGO and Mario – what could go wrong? As it happens, quite a bit…. Lots of Batman to talk about as Tamashi Nations joins the Burton-verse. We all know Tony Stark has a hall of armor but what about Bruce Wayne? There’s She-Ra season 5 news, MORE Baby Yoda from Hot Toys to help Pablo carry an entire fandom. Then it’s time for Reading/Watching/Playing. Masters Comics, more Castlevania, Something Blood (no seriously, what’s it called?) Tomarts tomes and did Trent just go off the grid? Maybe he can explain why those share-house DVDs are so shiny clean… Stick together ToyPower fans – it’s crazy times but we will get through this!  

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As we all hunker down and wait out the crazy going on in the world …

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