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I really love how Stephen King’s IT is holding strong in the pop culture zeitgeist again, because, as funny as it sounds, the original mini-series is one of my more vivid television memories from when I was as kid. I am was waaaaaaay too young to be watching it, but it fascinated me, and old Pennywise has been one of my favorite pop culture icons since then. The new movies brought us a fresh take on the “dancing clown,” one that I am also a fan of, and now NECA has introduced us to a new action figure take on the 2017 version, and we have a look.

Now, I have been amassing all of the “standard” Pennywise action figure NECA has been turning out over the past couple of years, but I recently got to take a look at the 1990 version in the updated “cloth” execution, and I ended up liking that figure quite a lot, too, despite my normal habit of avoiding soft goods. So, of course I was intrigued by this new version as well, and at the very least, the two would pose nicely together on the shelf. Somewhat to my surprise, I have been amassing more and more of these 8-inch figures, and the eclectic mix (everyone from the Golden Girls to  Ace Ventura) makes for a pretty fun collection in and of itself.

I have to say that especially for the price point, I have been pretty impressed by the cloth goods on these figures. They have done a good job of representing the iconic details of the character’s clothes, but in a slightly oversized way that tosses it back to the original MEGO line, so it is a strange balance, but it actually works well, and gives this line a unique feeling apart from anything else that I own. This version of Pennywise has a very intricate costume with a lot of different materials and stitching required to achieve the look. The transitions from the tight-fitting pants to the puffy sleeves and bloomers is actually effective, even with the retro feel of the outfits as a whole.

The outfit is complimented by sculpted pieces, in this case, two swappable heads, three hands, and shoes, that are just as detailed as any other traditional piece by NECA. One of the heads is more iconic with a creepy smile and eyes that kind of go off in two different directions, just like in the movies. The other head is more grotesque and demonic to represent that part of Pennywise, but without stepping too far so it doesn’t fit with the body and outfit. Two of the hands are in a “claw” or reaching pose, and the third holds the included red balloon, which is a repaint of the orange version that came with the 1990 version. 

This is a fun figure of a now iconic version of Pennywise the dancing clown. Overall, I think I prefer the 1990 version better, but this is still very well done. The intricate costume shows off some of NECA’s best work in this line. Not only does he fit in with the other Pennywise, but he, strangely, looks just as at home with Bob Ross or the Golden Girls. This figure is hitting now, so you can grab it from such great places like Dorkside Toys, so go get him!

*Thanks once again to the gang at NECA for sending this along and keeping the Pennywise goods coming.

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