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On April 16th, a new team arrives in Metropolis to confront an unhinged Lex Luthor in Birds of Prey, the next episode in DC Universe™ Online, the highly popular, free-to-play MMO action game from Dimensional Ink Games.  

Whether hero or a villain, players will work alongside Black Canary, Harley Quinn, The Huntress, and Poison Ivy to assist Oracle (previously known as Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon) in containing the chaos in the city.

Once Birds of Prey launches, all players level 15 or above will be able to experience the event version absolutely free for a limited time. All players have to do is download DCUO on PlayStation, PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, then create their own unique Super Hero or Supervillain, choose their Superpowers, and head off into the world!

Now is also the time to dive into DCUO, because all previous story episodes are available to everyone for free with Open Episodes and each week features a different bonus event right up to the launch of Birds of Prey on April 16, 2020!

For more information on Birds of Prey and everything else head over to the official DC Universe Online website! For more on developer Dimensional Ink, click right here!

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