The Try Guys Cosplay For The First Time

The Try Guys attend their first cosplay convention and put on an unforgettable performance at the Anime Expo Masquerade. The third in a special four-episode series exploring cosplay.

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Big Blue Monster, Headache Black And White, Lone Rider, Shut Down, Jellyroll, Anime The Kid, First Time, Little White Rabbit, Blood Trail. Fruity Sushi, Aroma Gelato
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

“Pretty Guardians!”
Original Lyrics by Keith Habersberger

SSFX provided by Audioblocks

Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Made by BFMP

Anime Expo-
FB- Anime Expo
IG- Anime Expo

Mike Saffels- Photographer
FB- SaffelsPhotography
IG- SaffelsPhotography

Olivia Chiu- Cosplay Expert
FB- ChubearCosplay
IG- ChubearCosplay

Linda Le- Cosplay Expert
FB- vampybitme
IG- vampybitme

Akaboshi Yuto- Fashion and Costume Designer
FB- akaredstar
IG- akaredstar

John Reger- Co-Owner, Rockstar Wigs

Catnip Killer as Himself
IG- catnipkiller

Etsy Shop thank yous-


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