Black Widow Did Not Die In Endgame, Her Sister Did

Yelena Sacrificed Herself in Black Widow’s Place
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The final chapter in the Infinity Saga was filled with both triumph and tragedy. Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye from the original team were able to walk away from the battle changed. Cap took a retirement, going back to age properly. The big sacrifices were Tony Stark of course, and a character we first saw in an Iron Man movie, the Black Widow herself, Natasha Romanoff. While Stark got the big send off, Romanoff’s sacrifice sent shockwaves through the team. How would the team react if they were to find out that it wasn’t really Natasha going over that cliff at Vormir, but instead it was her sister Yelenda?

We’re about to meet Yelenda eventually when Black Widow is finally released when we can release movies again. Her sister and fellow Red Room graduate could have taken her sister’s place during the events of Infinity War and Endgame, leaving the door open for future Black Widow projects. After ten years of waiting for a Black Widow movie, it would be a shame to be capped off at only one. Death hasn’t been an end in comics for decades and in comic book movies that has also been true. Phil Coulson has died twice, Loki has died three times. Nick Fury fakes his death or has a body double just to get some alone time. With Life Model Decoys, Skrulls, and Photostatic Veils there are a number ways that Yelenda can take the place of her sister and pave the way for a second Black Widow movie, with or without Taskmaster as a villain or companion.


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