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Another day, another game announcement, but this one is well worth pricking up your eyes for (that doesn’t quite work, but let’s go with it). Dwarfheim is a brand new RTS/city-builder from developer Pineleaf Studio who, with support from Dead Cells’ publisher Merge Games, are looking to bring the game to PC this year.

Taking a healthy dose of RTS mechanics and dwarf-ifying them, players will need to build their fantasy towns, expand upon them, all the while collecting and refining their resources in a particularly dwarf-y manner. It looks as though you’ll be creating some exciting mining structures along the way.

Once you’ve built a home, you’ll need to defend it by raising an army and preparing to hold the line against a variety of deeply angry trolls and other fantastical enemies.

Dwarfheim’s biggest surprise is the introduction of a slice of co-op into this particular RTS pie. Players will be able to choose from three different classes; miner, warrior or builder, and only together will you be able to succeed in your endeavours.

Dwarfheim boasts a chunky fantasy art style that should see fans of Warcraft and the Warhammer RTS’ well served, and it looks as though you’re capable of building some great big structures to defend. Along with that, the mining and resource management set-up looks really interesting, with complicated machines that you can use to maximise your output, while the addition of co-op to the mix for up to four players could well set it apart from others in the genre.

Head over to the Dwarheim Steam page to learn more, or if you fancy it there’s a Discord all set-up for prospective players to get involved with where you can talk to the developers while they put the finishing touches to the game.

Dwarheim is set to launch on PC in 2020.

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