Manifest Showrunner Unravels Season 2 Finale

These are questions that we’re going to continuing to ask ourselves as we go forward, and what I can tease is that, should we get to a season 3, the ultimate fate of the three meth heads will tell us something much more specific and concrete in terms of our heroes’ understanding about the death date itself and how that death date can be overcome. So Zeke surviving his death date is an important data point; Griffin failing to survive his death date is another important data point.

Even in the pitch room when I sold the series, I walked them through Griffin; I walked them through Zeke; and I walked them trough the meth heads because these three events, if you will, are crucial to the overarching mythology. And so therefore should we get to a season 3, when that other shoe falls in regard to the fate of the meth heads, all of the fans who have been paying close attention are going to understand with a lot more clarity where we’re heading mythologically.

Does Zeke overcoming his death date make Saanvi’s search for the cure less important?

How can I answer that without giving away too much? I would say hypothetically, assuming each and every individual were in complete and utter control of their destiny, then one could optimistically deduce that if everyone continues to be a good boy scout and girl scout, continues to try to follow the callings, that they’d be able to survive the death date and therefore a scientific workaround would not be necessary.

We’re going to learn in season 3 that it is less cut and dry than that and that as a result, notwithstanding the best intentions of people like Ben and Michaela and Saanvi, there may be other forces in play here that compromise their own individual ability to beat the death date. And so for that reason, Saanvi will come to discover that her scientific endeavors remain quite relevant.

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