The Worst Things Joey Tribbiani Has Ever Done!

Joey Tribbiani is arguably the most complete and beloved character on Friends, boasting a catalogue of some of the funniest moments across the whole show. The lovably playful idiot is hilarious, but did manage to get himself in some sticky situations.

Joey always wriggled his way out of trouble with nothing more than a slap on the wrist due to his child-like naivety and nice guy vibes, however, if you peel back the obvious situational humour, he made some rather questionable decisions that fans seem to overlook.

On occasions Joey stepped a little too far past the line, and in some instances, so far past the line, the line was a dot to him – what about his constant womanising, locking his best friend in a box and even sabotaging one of his own student?

It’s clear that the incidents contained within this article are exaggerated for comedic purposes on the show and we will always love the cheeky little so-and-so, but imagine how Joey would be judged in the real world.

It’s time to explore a darker side to Friends’ best character.

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