Most Epic Venom Symbiote Compilation

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The Symbiotes in the Marvel Universe have one of the most fascinating and dense backstories out of any race we’ve seen so far. What started off as just some black goo from outer space that infects Spider-Man has steadily grown into a vast mythology that would make any comic reader’s head spin. 

Every Marvel Symbiote Explained:  

15 Marvel Characters Who Had To Host The Venom Symbiote Against Their Will:  

Venom And Carnage’s Rivalry Explained:  

10 Things Venom Can Do That Carnage Can’t:  

10 Secrets That Venom Is Hiding About His Superpowers:  

10 Things Venom and Carnage Have In Common:  

10 Things Carnage CAN Do That Spider-Man CAN’T:  

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