Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike (Official Music Video)


Music video by Temple Of The Dog performing Hunger Strike. (C) 1991 A&M Records

#TempleOfTheDog #HungerStrike #Remastered


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  1. The beginning guitar riff definitely inspired midwest emo

  2. Stone Temple Garden Pearl Bone

  3. He is so cool and the band

  4. Eddie and Chris… the two best vocalists of that era if not all time

  5. Oh my heart 💔 Chris is one of my favorite singers..ever. Miss you Chris…RIP you amazing man. He was born on my birthday, July 20 and he very sadly passed on my 2 year younger sister's birthday. Always in our hearts and so much incredible music to listen to in your absence. 😥💔🤟🤟

  6. I dont mind stealin bread just so you guys know

  7. Damn, all four of the huge Seattle bands had incredible singers

  8. Revolution it means. Great.

  9. "But they're farming babies…" child sacrifice & sex trafficking. Cornell was making a documentary exposing it when he mysteriously "committed suicide".

  10. Feed this man for fuck sake…

  11. This sing is about #pedowood and child sacrifices. Goin hungry for justice, judgement, righteousness. A CURE.. Just sayin.

  12. So many years later that album is still FIRE, the best blokes around singing their guts out with such tenderness

  13. Modern communist International. Anticapitalist song. Sad Bernie lost the realistic agenda.

  14. See Eddie practicing social distancing? Be like Eddie.

  15. I don’t hide in the bushes often, but when I do I feel like Eddie

  16. Vendo na quarentena 2020

  17. SoundJam/PearlGarden beautiful music!

  18. from the beach to the prairie, nice

  19. I'm here with Eddie and he is stuffing his mouth with lasagna. I don't know about this hunger business.

  20. I understand now what you were trying to tell us. All these years. So many lives lost. Help those that are left. There are so many left in need. Keep the promise.

  21. Damn, this is so how the world it's gonna be during and after this crysis.

  22. Brings a tear to my eye everytime I play this song and it's not too often 😪😪😪😪🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🇨🇦.

  23. 14k dislikes. Who pissed on theyre parade?

  24. Is farming babies a metaphor for selling out in the music industry and manufacturing your art to please masses?

  25. Enjoy your youth while you've got it. It sure as shit goes fast.

  26. You can’t run 🏃 forever Forrest we closing in on your ass, Oprah Ellen and everyone else sit tight!!!

    Q god bless the children 👶🏽

  27. This is so 90s…
    I love it !

  28. He and Chester Bennington were both killed because of trying to expose these damn pedos. If you listen to the lyrics and google it you’ll see it. He was killed because of this song and Chester was killed because of his research into finding the pedos. And it’s such a good song. It’s about him not eating babies and drinking their blood like all these elites in Hollywood and the industry’. This is crazy as hell. Just google it. To many coincidences for it to not be true I’m telling ya. I know it sounds crazy but look it up. These people are evil. Rip guys

  29. I miss Chris Cornell. RIP ❤