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With being at home all the time, you would think that I had more time to devote to things like getting my collection displayed the way I want it and taking more pictures of action figures. That time still seems to be at a bit of a premium around here, but when I get cool new effects pieces from Can of Beams, I have to drop what I am doing and go play. It is a scientific fact.

We have been covering Can of Beams offerings from some time around here, and with this long history I am still impressed with how fresh new offerings a presented. At this point, everyone from Obi-Wan Kenobi to Dazzler has benefited from some of these pieces, and I am happy to be back with the new “slash effect” that can be used for so many different figures and properties. Heck, with my current obsession with all things TMNT, and the fact the new G.I. Joe: The Classified Series Snake Eyes arrived recently, I have some easy marks to be made even more bad ass by adding an effect to their favorite slashing implements. 

This is a fun piece because it can, of course, be used as demonstrated to attach to a sword blade to help illustrate a “slash,” but they can also be used fro all kinds of other things, too. I like that these can function like that as they are perfect for their intended use, but also not tied directly to a specific character or action. For example, these work perfectly well to illustrate a running motion for a character like the Flash, as this can be some motion trail. I also see them as being handy for heroic (or villainous) ground punches and such. Like more CoB offerings, these attach to a blade or anywhere else via the provided blu-tak, so you don’t need anything special to get them to work.

If you are familiar with Can of Beams and own any pieces for yourself, you know that quality and precision are big plusses when it comes to stuff like this. The plastic for these is cut with exacting detail, and all of the lines and points are sharp and crisp. These pieces are straightforward with being two-toned using the clear plastic and white applications, so while the two that I got are consistent in their looks, they also have individual details to make each piece unique. There have been some items in the past are more elaborate in terms of deco and effect, but while this one is more plain, it is very effective and I appreciate the white shading of the transition between the solid white and clear. 

This is a fun effect, and if I can find a way to dedicate the large swath of home time I now have to taking more pictures, this (and other) Can of Beams piece will show up more often for sure. The slash is relatively simple in concept, but also very well made and extremely effective, so if you are into figure pictures, or just like a dynamic display, keep your eyes on the CoB site. This is currently sold out, but it is being added as an “in-stock” item soon, so it will be available.  

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