Sea of Thieves on reviving crewmates, finding Tall Tales, and dealing with ragequitters

In the most recent news roundup video from Sea of Thieves, players are getting a little peek at the home environments of some of the devs as well as some details about quality-of-life features arriving with the upcoming Ships of Fortune update.

The video first stars director Joe Neate discussing the ability to revive players, which he hopes will lead to more emergent gameplay stories for people to share. The last segment of the video goes into an even deeper dive on revive mechanics: Players have 15 seconds to revive one another, and doing so gets a teammate back into the fight with 25% of their health. Incidentally, solo players will spend less time on the Ferry of the Damned, so they’re not completely forgotten, just possibly screwed if they face a multi-crew that keeps reviving themselves.

Neate also talks about a new icon on the map that will guide players to the starting location for the game’s PvE-minded Tall Tales as well as whether players are eligible to take on these narrative little stories or not. He also elaborated on the lack of a launch date for the Steam version, explaining that the announcement was just as the team were moving to a work-from-home lifestyle and so the launch will take some time.

Finally, the video goes on to several other updates coming soon, including timed lockouts from playing Arena mode for players who quit too many times in too short of a window and an optional nameplate display that lets players see the gamertags of every member in their crew along with a little icon that indicates what they’re doing, whether it’s carrying a treasure chest or taking damage.

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