Thanos Defeated Wolverine By Turning His Bones Into [SPOILER]

Wolverine played a decent role in the original The Infinity Gauntlet storyline, where he helped the remaining heroes try to take down an overpowered Thanos. However, the first attempt at taking down the Mad Titan resulted in Wolverine’s adamantium bones being turned into rubber.

In the classic six-issue series The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, George Perez, and Ron Lim, the remaining heroes first attempt at taking down Thanos after he snaps away half of existence in order to impress the living embodiment of Death. Their mission ends up being a complete failure. Thanos sees the heroes coming and smiles as they try to take him down. He dispatches of them quickly, killing a handful of A-list Marvel characters including Cyclops, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. However, perhaps the most gruesome takedown happens when he goes toe-to-toe with Wolverine.

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Wolverine manages to surprise Thanos, as he attacks him while he’s not looking. Logan digs his claws deep into the chest of his adversary, but unfortunately, with the Infinity Gems at his disposal, the usual killing blow by Wolverine does nothing. Thanos makes an example out of Wolverine, as he decides to kill him in one of the most brutal ways imaginable. He turns the hero’s bones from impenetrable adamantium into rubber. Wolverine is killed instantly, as Thanos stands over his twisted corpse. He doesn’t miss a beat when the attack continues.

Wolverine found out the hard way, that even when he thinks he had the upper hand against Thanos by delivering a potential killing blow, the Infinity Gauntlet with all of the gems is too powerful to overcome. Thanos practically feels nothing from having the adamantium claws lunged into his chest. In retaliation, he turned Wolverine’s bones into rubber – killing the previously unkillable hero in a matter of seconds. It’s a terrifying image to see Wolverine’s mangled body on the ground as Thanos stands over him with a smile.

Ultimately, the rest of the Marvel Universe would figure out a way to take down Thanos, and Wolverine’s adamantium bones would be restored when he was brought back to life. But, the moment remains one of Thanos’ most brutal takedowns and a lesson to all – even if you think you’re unbeatable when you’re facing off with someone with a loaded Infinity Gauntlet, you aren’t going to win one-on-one. Wolverine found out the hard way.

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