THE CLONE WARS Star Sam Witwer Teases Dave Filoni’s Mind-Blowing THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 Plans

Work on season two of The Mandalorian is believed to have concluded, so the hope is that we’ll get to watch it later this year on Disney+ as planned. All we really know is that Moff Gideon will be seeing action while wielding the Darksaber and that Rosario Dawson is set to make an appearance as Ahsoka Tano, but actor Sam Witwer has teased some of executive producer Dave Filoni’s big plans. 

He’s been working with the director on The Clone Wars (where he plays Maul), but it sounds like Witwer has been made privy to at least some of his plans for the live-action series. “There are things that [Dave Filoni] has coming in The Mandalorian Season 2 that are going to blow people’s minds. Because the thing is that Dave and George always had the same instinct when it came to this.”

Interestingly, Witwer would go on to say that he was on a shortlist for a small role in season one of The Mandalorian, but some confusion led to him turning that down (without Filoni officially offering it).

“I got put on a shortlist on Mandalorian for some role and I thought maybe that was from Dave [Filoni], but then I found out it was actually from casting. Casting came up with the idea. So I relayed that to Dave, and I think it was awkward because I was saying “When I’m on the show” and this and that.”

“But what I was actually trying to say was I actually took myself off that list because I don’t want to mess with your show [Laughs],” he continued. “I was trying to say that. I don’t want to mess with the show, nor do I want to take the risk that I’m wrong for the show and then you hire me because I’m your buddy. I was trying to say that but it came off wrong [Laughs].”

“And there was this awkward silent moment. I think I need to text the guy and tell him that’s not what I meant! But what I meant to say was that if [Dave] had a need for me and there’s something I can do for you, you can tell me yourself. I’m not going to try to get in the way.”

It would definitely be fun seeing Witwer take on a live-action role in the Star Wars Universe, but perhaps he’s holding out for something a little more memorable than a bit part? He is, after all, responsible not only for playing Maul, but bringing Starkiller to life in those classic video games. 

What do you guys think? 

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