The Verve Lucky Man – Official Alternative Music Video

The Verve Lucky Man – Official Alternative Music Video

The Verve Lucky Man – Official Alternative Music Video – Why not listen to this classic tune again and again from the *Amazing Album Urban Hyms 5 Stars.*****

The Verve were an English rock band that formed in Wigan in 1990 by lead vocalist Richard Ashcroft, guitarist Nick McCabe, bass guitarist Simon Jones and drummer Peter Salisbury. Guitarist and keyboard player Simon Tong later became a member in their first reunion only.

Beginning with a psychedelic sound with their debut LP A Storm in Heaven, by the mid-1990s the band had released several EPs and three albums. It also endured name and line-up changes, break-ups, health problems, drug abuse and various lawsuits. The band’s commercial breakthrough was the 1997 album Urban Hymns, one of the best-selling albums in UK Chart history. The album features the hit singles “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, “The Drugs Don’t Work” and “Lucky Man”. In 1998, the band won two Brit Awards—winning Best British Group, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in March, and in February 1999, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.

Soon after their commercial peak, the Verve disbanded in April 1999, citing internal conflicts. According to Billboard magazine, “the group’s rise was the culmination of a long, arduous journey that began at the dawn of the decade and went on to encompass a major breakup, multiple lawsuits, and an extensive diet of narcotics”. During an eight-year split, Ashcroft dismissed talk of a reunion, saying: “You’re more likely to get all four Beatles on stage.” The band’s original line-up reunited in June 2007, embarking on a tour later that year and releasing the album Forth in August 2008, which spawned the hit single “Love Is Noise”. Amid revived tensions, the band broke up for the third time in 2008 following their final performance together at the V Festival source wiki

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Music video by The Verve performing Lucky Man.


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  1. Stilll listening in Belfast nothing picks you up like great music
    Keep safe

  2. I Am James Ellis Allsopp (The All’s).

  3. este es algun hallager de OASIS?

  4. Every song on the CD was epic, I thought this band was underrated

  5. Great tune.
    Does Richard Ashcroft look like a computer programmer or a rock star?

  6. Reminds me of a woman I was deeply in love with…

  7. This song is worth liveing for o ye

  8. Amazing 👏👏👏 TRINTA ACUSTICO & I love you all and your songs and messages ❤🇧🇷. Tks, THE VERVE!

  9. Just Awsome 😱❤🇧🇷. Long Life for you, dear Guys. THE VERVE FOREVER! 🙏

  10. This song saved my life from the darkness called drug addiction, my spirit enjoyed happiness 20 years ago

  11. I fucking love that guy!

  12. 💎🕯️💎🕯️🌞💝💎💝💎💝☘️☘️☘️☘️

  13. If u listening during lockdown 2020 means your safe

  14. The girl next door..if you no you no 👌

  15. Richard Ashcroft looks cool af

  16. This guy is a True musician…

  17. God damn, the 90's were the best! I miss it so much

  18. The girl next door song
    2020 anyone?

  19. I love you Richard Ashcroft. Long live the Verve

  20. It should have been too fucking hot over the crystall walls.

  21. Is Richard Ashcroft the coolest mofo on the planet or what?

  22. Классная энергетика.

  23. Helping me get past a break up from my wife of 9 years

  24. Broke me neck an back so this song had a story behind the tattoo x

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