Who Said It – Jamie Or Cersei?

Though the Starks were the heroes of Game of Thrones, House Lannister had the most intriguing characters. Tyrion was the immediate standout with his sharp mind and witty dialogue, but his two siblings were just as interesting.

To begin with, both Jamie and Cersei appeared to be villainous individuals, and at the end of the first season, fans hated the pair of them. This is understandable given Jamie attempted to murder a child in the very first episode and Cersei succeeded in killing her husband and putting her sadistic son on the Iron Throne.

Yet the fascinating aspect of Jamie and Cersei was how different they became as the show progressed. Remarkably, Cersei grew steadily more wicked and murderous over time, whereas Jamie became a much more likeable, sympathetic figure. And despite the poor ending to his story arc in the final season, he remains a firm favourite for many Game of Thrones fans.

Regardless of their differences, both Jamie and Cersei had plenty of memorable quotations throughout all eight seasons of the show.

Can you remember who said which line?

Answers at the end!

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