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We’re pleased to announce that we’re premiering three brand-new, exclusive videos today featuring special guests and panels that would have appeared at WonderCon Anaheim 2020. And best of all, there’s more coming your way! Check out this list and click on the links to YouTube (in each title) to watch these videos!

To see all of our videos, click here to visit our Comic-Con/WonderCon Anaheim channel on YouTube!

For individual videos, click on the titles listed below.

Spotlight on Steenz & Trungles: A Conversation

WonderCon Anaheim 2020 special guests Steenz and Trungles have a conversation about each other’s careers and journey into the comics industry. Christina “Steenz” Stewart is a St. Louis-based cartoonist, editor, and professor. She’s the co-creator of Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning graphic novel Archival Quality and is featured in several short story anthologies such as the Eisner and Ignatz Award-winning Elements: Fire, and the new horror anthology Dead Beats. Steenz launched and edited the popular RPG periodical Rolled & Told, creates community-building comics-related programming, and teaches cartooning from the elementary to the collegiate level. Trungles is a comic book artist and illustrator working out of Minnesota. He received his B.A. from Hamline University in 2012, majoring in studio art with a concentration in oil painting and minoring in art history. He has contributed work for Oni Press, Boom! Studios, Limerence Press, and Image Comics. He has a graphic novel coming out from Random House Graphic later this year. In a cozy atmosphere, join them as they discuss juggling a career in cartooning, editorial, and comics education.

Christina “Steenz” Stewart

Twitter: @oheysteenzInstagram: @oheysteenzFacebook: /Trill.Steenz • Website: www.oheysteenz.com

Trung (Trungles) Le Nguyen

Twitter: @TrunglesInstagram: @trunglesFacebook: /trungles • Website: www.trungles.com

CBLDF: Community Is Our Superpower

Learn how the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is helping during the crisis, with brand new programs for educators, retailers, and readers! See how you can become a part of our free League of Graphic Novel Educators. Get the low-down on our practical workshops about how to get government aid. See how retailers are sharing their skills with brand new training tools. And, of course, learn about the latest trends in comics censorship, where Identity Censorship is rampant and CBLDF is on the front lines. Join CBLDF’s community development manager Siena Fallon, education coordinator Karen Evans, and executive director Charles Brownstein for this short, fun look at how the CBLDF is helping, how you can help, and how together community is our superpower!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics medium. Our work takes us into courtrooms, classrooms, conventions, and libraries all over the United States where we provide legal aid, education, and advocacy to protect the First Amendment rights of the readers, creators, retailers, publishers, and librarians of comics, manga, and graphic novels. The fight against censorship is a costly business. By becoming a member of the CBLDF, you can play a vital role in the future of the comics. Starting at $30, the Fund’s membership program ensures that we can defend the First Amendment rights of the comics community.

Star Wars Law: Solo Practitioner

Joshua Gilliland, Esq., co-founder of The Legal Geeks, takes on Star Wars law in Solo Practitioner! Do droids have civil rights? What are the employee safety issues in Jabba the Hutt’s palace? Join Josh for war crimes and the Han Solo’s legal justification to shoot first.

More exclusive NEW videos are coming soon … check back often for more content!


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