Old School RuneScape brings the last of its Poll 70 updates and Bounty Hunter changes

Over the past several weeks, Old School RuneScape has been making several updates as voted on by players in Poll 70. This week, the last of those voted-for updates is live, along with adjustments to the Bounty Hunter minigame.

In terms of Poll 70 changes, players can now look forward to craftable Divine Battlemage and Divine Bastion potions at level 86 Herblore, a hammer at the entrance to crab rooms in the Chambers of Xeric, a Rellekka teleport in the Lunar Isle for anyone who has completed the Elite Fremennik Diary, some new targets for Krystilia’s Slayer task list, guaranteed crystal shard drops from superior monsters in the Iorwerth dungeon, and expanded reward retrieval for the NPC Perdu.

As for the Bounty Hunter, further refinements are being made based on player feedback including reduced costs for blighted food and potions in the Bounty Hunter Reward Shop, a coffer that players can put coins in to satisfy the risk requirement to enter the Wilderness, adjustments to looting bag drops and emblem upgrade chances, and new promissory notes in older versions of the Bounty Hunter store. Readers will recall that this minigame was due for some adjustments, which went live last week.

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