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Our team here at Fire TV is passionate about all things TV and movie related. With everyone spending more time at home these days, we realized that we were quickly cruising through our favorite shows and looking for new things to watch. As a way to stay connected to each other, we have all found that talking about our favorite shows and movies is a great way to stay connected.

We wanted a way to continue to share our favorite shows and movies with each other virtually, so we started a running list of the things we are watching and what we recommend. We are a group with some eclectic tastes, from Korean melodramas to feel-good movies, so there is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

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Here is a list of some of the shows we are currently watching and a description of what it is about in our own words. Note that the shows referenced may require a subscription or cable authentication.

Amy S. recommends Mr. Robot: It’s super dark, moody, and twisted. Think CSI: Cyber meets Fight Club, there’s a lot of cyber hacking and some mind-melting psychological turns. Sometimes I have to pause, rewind, and re-watch just to make sure what I saw was actually real.
Available on: Prime Video, USA Network

Behrang A. recommends Ugly Delicious: David Change’s travelogue, exploring the background and cultural significance of food, accompanied by friends and celebrity guests (other teammates also suggest checking out Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, hosted by David Chang).
Available on: Netflix

Irene J. recommends Itaewon Class: A refreshingly balanced Korean melodrama that follows a man’s decades-long plan to avenge the corrupt cover-up of his father’s death. Revenge never looked so endearing.
Available on: Netflix

Mary S. recommends Hart of Dixie: This series is a nice “escape” when the news in our country is so grim. The show is about a surgeon from NYC who goes to a small southern town to practice as a family doctor for a year. Lots of big city/small town “clashes” that keep it entertaining and lighthearted.
Available on: Netflix

Mita P. recommends Killing Eve: Intelligence leader Eve, played by Sandra Oh, is in search of and obsessed with psychopath Villanelle. It’s a classic game of cat and mouse (plus, season 3 just came out!).
Available on: Hulu, BBC America, Philo, AMC

Ted K. recommends I Am Not Okay With This: The teenage years are never pretty, especially if you have an internal demon wreaking havoc on your life. A quick binge, moody, dramatic, some gore, and worth every second.
Available on: Netflix

Travis L. recommends The Last Dance: It’s a large dose of nostalgia for anyone old enough to remember, and a reminder of how truly great MJ was. Also, lots of hilarious fashion choices.
Available on: ESPN

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