Charlotte IoT Live Microsoft Azure 6/12/17 second half has selected our chapter for an special opportunity to work with Microsoft for Hackster Live in June. Microsoft has asked for 10 U.S. Ambassadors that would be able to promote and host a 3+ hour workshop covering Microsoft IoT in June. Microsoft is sending someone to our city to give a presentation/demo on Microsoft IoT and Azure, similar to the bootcamp that was held in March. Microsoft is hoping to reach upwards of 100 people at the event.

The event will have three thirty minute labs included. The first lab is about Azure basics and in this we will create an IaaS MQTT server and bridge it to the a public MQTT server. After this we move onto the IoT Hub, and attach it to the public MQTT data source. Subsequent labs explore data persistence and basic Power BI for dashboard. At the ending, we will be able to replace the front-end with a device of our own to continue to learn and play.

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