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May the Fourth Be With You! As we all celebrate Star Wars day today – we have a nice set of photos for the upcoming second wave of Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary figures. This round includes – Luke Skywalker in Hoth pilot gear, Lando Calrissian with new photo real tech, the Tie Fighter Pilot, Hoth Rebel Trooper, and Dagobah R2-D2. It’s a solid set of figures, not straight repaints this time. Of course a big selling point of these are the cardbacks, and they continue to look sharp, I can’t get enough of them.

These came courtesy of Hasbro which sent out an ESB40 themed promotional mailer, including some sweet backdrops! We’ve taken some shots of the mailer, the figures, and done up some fancy shots using those backgrounds. Oh, we also compiled a front facing shot for all the 40th themed cards going back to A New Hope’s offerings from 3 years ago. Read on to check it all out!

Here are some key shots, full set of 126 pics below!

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