Thor's Father Was Responsible For Thanos' Rise To Power

Was Odin Responsible For Thanos?
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When Thanos snapped his fingers and decimated half the universe, a lot of time was spent wondering how this all could’ve been avoided. Would something like Thor aiming for the head instead of the heart, or Peter Quill keeping his emotions in check have really stopped Thanos from snapping his fingers? Or was Thanos as inevitable as he kept saying he was? Actually, the answer could be more complicated than that.

If you chart the entire history of the MCU and look at all the important events that led to Thanos successfully enacting his plan, you could trace everything back to one man: Odin! That’s right. An ongoing theory is that Odin’s actions with how he treated Loki in the first Thor movie, as well as his general handling of infinity stones and the infinity gauntlet, directly and indirectly led to Thanos’s victory. So how does Odin’s treatment of Loki eventually lead to Captain America: Civil War? And how does that event make Thanos win at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? Keep watching to find out!

Today’s video is all about Odin and how his actions caused a lot of trouble in the MCU. We’ll be diving into just what about Odin’s methods were wrong so you can toss away those ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mugs right now! So check out the video and be sure to leave a comment after you’re done telling us if you agree Odin helped Thanos win. Let’s get into it!


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