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Here’s every song featured in The Cabin In The Woods. Teenagers taking a trip to a remote cabin for a quiet weekend of drink and pre-martial activities before being picked off by a monster/masked killer is a genre staple. The first two Evil Dead movies are probably the most popular example of this particular trope, but other entries range from the Friday The 13th series to Lars von Trier’s Anti-Christ.

Director Drew Goddard (Bad Times At The El Royale) and writer Joss Whedon honored/deconstructed this trope with The Cabin In The Woods. The film initially follows the beats of typical “teens go to the woods and die” scenario, but it soon becomes clear that events are being orchestrated by other forces. It’s a sharp deconstruction of the genre itself that manages to work as a horror movie and a comedy, and it has a wild third act showdown that throws in every kind of movie monster imaginable. The film itself was shot in 2009 and originally set for release in 2010, but due to MGM filing for bankruptcy, it didn’t hit theaters until 2012.

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The Cabin In The Woods also featured a solid selection of songs from acts like Iggy Pop, LadyHawke and Nine Inch Nails. Here is every song heard during the movie.

Cabin in the Woods
  • Hold Please – Jamie Dunlap, Stephen Lang & Scott Nickoley
  • White Knuckles – OK GO
  • Crazy World – Ladyhawke
  • Be By Myself – Asher Roth & Cee-Lo
  • The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues) – Switchfoot
  • So Easy – Eagles Of Death Metal
  • Tightrope Highway – Motocade
  • Miss Candy – The High Decibels
  • She’s A Business – Iggy Pop
  • Desire – Vassy
  • River of Souls – Soul River
  • Pas De Deux – Men In Tights
  • Roll With The Changes – REO Speedwagon
  • Last – Nine Inch Nails

Sadly, while there was an official The Cabin In The Woods soundtrack featuring music composed by David Julyan (The Prestige), an album featuring all the songs from the movie wasn’t released. The film was a solid hit during release even if it wasn’t a goldmine, but while there’s been talk of The Cabin In The Woods 2 it seems unlikely it will ever happen. The first movie ends on a pretty conclusive note that would be hard to follow up, and it would be tough to imagine a sequel improving on it.

That’s why Drew Goddard has stated The Cabin In The Woods 2 probably isn’t something that will come together. The Cabin In The Woods remains a beloved cult item, with fans tending to notice a new detail or easter egg with every watch, especially in the monster mash towards the end of the movie.

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