Borderlands Movie Wants Cate Blanchett as Lilith

The cast of the upcoming Borderlands movie from Lionsgate is really taking shape, as Cate Blanchett is reportedly in talks to star in one of the lead roles as a fan favorite character. According to a new report from Variety, sources close to the Oscar-winning actress say Blanchett has been tapped to play Lilith in the video game adaptation and is currently in negotiations with the studio for the role. Lionsgate declined to comment on the report as of this time, but that might be because Blanchett hasn’t yet officially signed on for the project.

Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, the original Borderlands was first released in 2009. An open world first-person shooter with a sci-fi western setting, Borderlands follows a group of Vault Hunters who trek to the planet Pandora in search of an alien vault containing coveted alien technology, battling wildlife and raiders of all types along the way. All the while, the group must prevent a corporate army from reaching the vault before they do. Based on the success of the original title, a franchise was born with four sequels to follow in the coming years, along with a story-driven adventure game spin-off from Telltale Games. The series has since become one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time.

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Lilith plays a major role in the original video game as a playable character, returning as a non-playable character in each of the three sequels as well. Originally from the planet Dionysus and part of a group called the Sirens, Lilith is one of six women who possesses incredible and mysterious powers. Lilith’s specific ability is called the Phasewalk, which sees the character invisible to the enemy and invulnerable to damage with increased movement. These skills come in very handy when playing the video game, and they should do the movie version of Lilith some favors as well with her inevitable battles with bandits.

Previously, it had been announced that horror filmmaker Eli Roth, who’s helmed such gory classics as Hostel, Cabin Fever, and The Green Inferno, would be directing the Borderlands movie adaptation for Lionsgate. Emmy-winning writer Craig Mazin, acclaimed for his work writing the HBO series Chernobyl and also attached to co-write a TV series adaptation of The Last of Us, is penning the Borderlands script as well. Avi and Ari Arad are also on board to produce via Arad Prods alongside Erik Feig for Picturestart. James Myers and Aaron Edmons are overseeing for Lionsgate, with Emmy Yu overseeing for Arad Prods and Lucy Kitada overseeing for Picturestart.

Considering the immense popularity of the video game series, there’s a lot of potential for the Borderlands movie to find success when it eventually makes its way into theaters. Fans of the franchise have already seen from the Telltale Games spin-off that there’s a lot of great story to be found in the Borderlands universe, looking past the gunfights and action sequences the games are known for. Let’s hope it all plays out well on the big screen as well. This news comes to us from Variety.

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