Microsoft Flight Simulator’s New Screens Will Blow You Away

The upcoming flight sim continues to look like a visual beast.

microsoft flight simulator

If ever you find yourself wondering whether we’ve hit a point of diminishing returns with visuals in video games and how much they can impress us on a technical level, just take one look at the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Asobo Studios-developed flight sim has looked absolutely fantastic in all that we’ve seen so far, and it continues to do so even now.

In a new batch of screenshots of the game taken by those who’ve got their hands on it via its alpha (via DSO Gaming), its visual splendour continues to shine through. The aircraft, the ridiculously detailed environments, the reflective water bodies, the clouds, and the incredible lighting all continue to impress, to the extent that it almost looks photorealistic. Take a look below. And this is from the game’s alpha stage, so it might even end up looking better.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is due out for the Xbox One and PC later this year. You can check out its hefty PC system requirements through here.

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