Unboxing: Soracom IoT Starter Kit

Today we unbox the Soracom IoT Starter Kit! Alex is excited to build a cellular-connected device for the upcoming Soracon event, using the included Raspberry Pi Zero W – or possibly a Particle device! Check out some amazing applications below, for sustainable agriculture and more…

// https://www.soracom.io/
// https://connect.soracom.io/soracon/
// https://www.hackster.io/soracom
// https://www.hackster.io/contests/soracomcontest
// https://www.soracom.io/project/the-canary-a-portable-air-quality-monitor/
// https://www.hackster.io/videos/521
// https://iot.mozilla.org/
// https://www.pocketalk.net/
// https://connect.soracom.io/getting-started-with-soracom-webinar/

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