How World Breaker Hulk May Enter the MCU


Avengers: Endgame gave us a completely new version of the Hulk that we’ve never seen before! One that wears glasses and enjoys dabbing with strangers! Yes it was a complete shock to see Professor Hulk in front of us, but his appearance raised more questions than it did answers. Mainly, what happened to the Hulk’s personality? Bruce said the two of them hashed it out and resolved their differences, but we think something fishy’s going on. And it’s this deep dark secret that could lead to a destructive new version of the Hulk! One that’s so affectionately referred to in the comics as World Breaker Hulk.

Overall, we think there were two huge events in Avengers: Endgame that will act as the catalyst for unleashing World Breaker Hulk out into the MCU. The first was the tragic death of Black Widow, whom the Hulk and Bruce Banner were once romantically linked to, as well as the actual Snap Professor Hulk did in order to bring everyone back. These two events are now stewing in Professor Hulk’s subconscious and they’re going to be the things that make Hulk angry enough to become World Breaker Hulk.

So today’s video is all about the Hulk and what the Avenger’s future plans are in the franchise. Will he remain a hero or turn evil? Anything is possible with the MCU! So check out the video and be sure to leave a comment once you’re done telling us your favorite version of the Hulk! And of course, hit that subscribe button for more awesome MCU content. Thanks for watching!

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