The Infinity Saga Set Up The MCU X-Men Perfectly

Now’s the time for mutants to finally make their MCU debut!

The X-Men are coming to the MCU any day now! Okay, maybe not for a while, but we at least know that it’s happening. While Phase 5 is most likely the first time we’ll see the X-Men in action, that doesn’t mean the MCU can’t start laying the groundwork for mutants in Phase 4. But now the big question is, how exactly will the MCU introduce mutants and the X-Men into the MCU? It’s not like they could just wave their hands and say that actually, mutants were here the whole time, you just didn’t see any of them.

That’s the lazy way out, but today we’re going to show you a new theory video that just might make you excited. It’s a bold hypothetical theory, but overall it might just be the best way for getting the mutants back into our lives in the most efficient way possible. The theory has something to do with Thanos, his snap and the half of the universe that turned to dust in an instant. All those elements will tie into how we’ll see new versions of Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto and all the rest.

So today’s video is all about mutants. So take a seat and check out our latest video. Be sure to let us know in the comments afterwards if you agree with our crazy theory and while you’re at it, hit that big subscribe button so you never miss another awesome CBR video. Now quick, go watch the video in Thanos decides to snap us all away again! Let’s get into it.

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