girl in red – we fell in love in october

hey! if u want to u can listen on spotify or any other place u listen to music 😀 song is written, recorded, produced and mixed my me 🙂
my instagram:
director insta: @peterxtheisen
i made this music video with peter theisen amlie, marius moe gilboe, håkon skaftå and mina rodahl! thank you so much to them for making this happen 🙂


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  1. thank you so much guys!! <3 love u!

  2. This is perfect. Happy pride month!

  3. Watching the sun rise at 5:55 a.m listening to this. Didnt sleep. No regrets

  4. Me at 4am imagining this song was about me:
    still 100% cis guy

  5. Met my bestie in october. Fell hard for her in October.

  6. I listen to Girl in the red and I'm straight I think

  7. I’m not homophobic and I don’t have homosexuals but I’m a boy but I still just fell awkward listening to this

  8. I love how the comments are recent :0


  10. too all these people that listen to girl in red. ily

  11. Girl in red: we fell in love in October
    Me on November: ok, maybe the next year :/

  12. Con esta canción me siento tan a gusto.. Tan bien y libre

  13. Eh, just gals bein gals ammirite?

  14. I'm here with my best girls (LOVE YOU WETSCHIES FORE VER), lieing in the night on mattresses, having beautiful disco lights on, loving each other (as friends or maybe more, who knows), having deep talks about anything and nothing… and listening to girl in red❤️🎶💭🌹🦄🍷💕🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
    perfect àês[e]ic

  15. Happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈

  16. Funny, my ex and I started dating in October 😅

  17. Even tho imma boy this shit go hard no cap

  18. y’all i almost told my MOM about my girlfriend- she doesn’t know i’m bisexual lmfao

  19. This is such a vibe i mean im straight but still love this so much

  20. I can't unhear finn wolfhard voice oml

  21. 0:42
    Looking at the stars
    In the morning nice 😂

  22. 2013:: No! I won’t like girls!
    2014: Chill I’m straight
    2015: I like boys only
    2017: I’m still straight
    2018: Sees some cute girls Oh no
    2019: I’m so confused! Do I like boys or girls?

  23. When u used to fell in love a girl in October

  24. ok now i thought girl in red was the short hair with a red jacket

  25. Ποιοι ειναι εδω απο το βιντεο της Dat Lilly?

  26. It has simple text but its so energetic♥️ love it

  27. Am I the only straight girl listening to this?

  28. who else loved girl in red before tiktok?

  29. see now I want a girlfriend even more-

  30. En yakın arkadaşımı çok fena seviyorum… İlkim eğer bunu okuyorsan, lütfen benden nefret etme…

  31. I have been through a lot of shit in my life a good portion of it inlcuded almost beiong raped on several occasions by the same sex BUT i refuse to judge others who DONT FUCKING DESERVE shit from me or ANYONE because of some fuckeups in a small section of a vast group! additionally, i will NEVER see my family members that i met in hgihschool and other places as some form of enemy to me just ecause society is full of ignorant dumbfucks that judge ppl for NOTHING WRONG! I swear if youre gonna judge someone do it for a VALID reason and not because theyre in love.

  32. I Love you!!!
    Hi girl in red I do not know if you are going to read more I wanted a blouse of yours only that I can't find by chance do you sell or do any store sell blouses and stuff ??

  33. Someone said I seemed like the type of lesbian who listens to girl in red, so for reference, this is my first song. This video is giving me butterflies…

    Also, this girl is so beautiful

  34. Ok I love this song but I straight and yeah

  35. lol i heard this song in oct and i was like "we fill in love in oct" and some dumb shit before my ex fucked my heart and fucked oct

  36. Eeei, obriga amanda a se apaixonar por mim em outubro pra eu dedicar essa msc a ela?