One Punch Man VS Hulk: How It Would Go Down

Who wins this battle of the titans?
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Saitama vs Hulk fan art by Jason Kang:

The CBR fans demanded it and we are here for you! It’s FINALLY time to give you our thoughts on perhaps the greatest showdown in all of internet fandom. That’s right, it’s time to see what happens when Saitama, the One Punch Man, goes up against Hulk, the strongest Avenger!

First, we need to look at each of these heroes separately. Saitama is a bored superhero with strength that’s so unbelievable that it takes all the fun out of being a superhero. He has a variety of different attacks at his disposal but almost all of them are about phoning it in.

In contrast, Hulk pretty much lays it all out there in every fight. The major difference is that there are multiple versions of the Hulk who all have very different power levels. So which one will be the one to put a pounding on anime’s greatest and baldest superhero?

This isn’t just a normal fight though. No, these heroes have a lot more to them than their permanent status in the O.P. hall of fame. Both of them are actually so powerful that it pretty much ruins their lives. If we’re gonna see them go up against each other, it won’t just be a battle of fists. It’ll be a battle with the ultimate fate of their consecutive existential crises at stake!

So let’s not waste a single second! Here’s how it would go down if the Incredible Hulk took on One Punch Man.

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Pudding Baby
Edited by: DBZ FAN

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