Black Panther 2: Killmonger's Scars Point to a Powerful Wakandan Tribe

We’ve got a fresh BP2 theory for you!
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Black Panther was one of the most meticulously designed movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it showed. It also had one of the most complex villains in comic book movies, not just the ones from the House of Ideas. The secretive nation of Wakanda posed some haunting ethical questions as well as the fun ones about a secret super advanced society. Having that secret super advanced society tucked away in Africa, a continent that was at times ravaged by elements like colonialism and war while Wakanda stood idly by raises questions that the movie confronted head on. This makes sense in the aesthetic of Marvel which has a running theme of the burden and responsibility of power. It might have been Spider-man’s Unlce who told him that with great power also comes great responsibility, but everyone in the Marvel Universe has to learn some part of that lesson eventually. Erik Killmonger ends up trying to teach T’Challa that lesson when he wants to use the power of Wakanda to reorder the world with Wakanda on top. Though he was defeated by T’Challa it wasn’t without some struggle, including some of the people of Wakanda siding with Erik and his plan for world domination. Notably the Border Tribe, who also has seen the most of the outside world. While the River. Merchant, and Jabari tribe eventually backed T’Challa, how much of Killmonger’s influence is left in Wakanda, especially after the damage the small country took fighting Thanos? Could Killmongers scars be a hint that T’Challa’s troubles with Killmonger aren’t over, that Killmonger might reach from the Ancestral Plane and find a new ally, perhaps even one from the bottom of the sea?

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Yung Cuteness
Edited by: Sam Bowers

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