Which Sports are the Most Famous for Sports Betting ?

Which Sports are the Most Famous for Sports Betting?

Which sporting events should I wager on? How many sporting events should I bet? If you’re into betting on sports, then you’ve probably asked yourself these questions (among others) at some point. Deciding on which sports to bet on becomes simpler when you’re a fan of sports first. Then you can simply choose to wager on all those sports or a single sporting event that you already follow and enjoy watching. Theoretically, that’s a logical approach since you know and understand the sports best.

Which Sports are the Most Famous for Sports Betting ?

The real challenge facing bettors, however, is how to increase the chances of earning money and becoming successful. But, that shouldn’t stress you as there are online sports betting platforms such as Bettingmetrics.com that provide smart and efficient ways to multiply your betting wins by analyzing your data.

Ultimately, the decision on what sports to bet on lies with you and depends on which events you’re most comfortable with. Ours is just to guide you into choosing the most profitable ones. That’s why we present to you this extensive compilation of popular sports betting sports that you could consider.


Only one sport comes to almost everyone’s mind with when it comes to the global sports betting market, football. It’s certainly the most famous sport probably because it’s widely accepted in all cultures and jurisdictions. Millions of football supporters traverse the world to cheer on their favourite teams while others tune in to the TV to catch the action live.

The 2017 FA Cup Final, for instance, had an approximate of 7.9 million viewers in the UK showing the muscle of the game in the local scenario. The Champions League final draws supporters of nearly half a billion viewers globally. Out of all these fans, many love to throw in a few wagers into the game.

The pre-game talks and predictions are crucial in staking on football while the after-game analysis helps to discern where bets went right or wrong. Adding into the mix is the fact that bettors can access hundreds of markets across all leagues at all times. Therefore, it’s easy to see why betting on football tops the sports betting world to the extent that they’ve become synonymous.


Unexpectedly, tennis has diversified its fan base over the recent past and, as such, it joins the list of the most common sports in the sports betting world. This might surprise anyone reading this who’s not a supporter of tennis but the sport births billions of revenue through betting each year. That’s a huge revenue for such a game that hardly makes it into the headlines except for the four main tournaments (Wimbledon, the French Open, the US Open, and the Australia Open).

The evolving nature of live sports betting also plays a crucial part in making betting on tennis successful. The ability of bettors to wager on individual sets at the click of a button makes it even more appealing. Also, the fact that the sport is easily predictable compared to other sporting events is equally amazing.

Horse Racing

Popularly referred to as the “Sport of Kings”, horse racing has maintained its popularity as a wagering sport and doesn’t seem to slow its pace anytime soon. However, with the diversification of tennis and football markets together with cash out betting and in-play betting choices, the traditional horse racing wagering has reduced in priority, globally. Take, for instance, the Cheltenham Festival alone that generated €150 million in betting revenue.

Nonetheless, horse racing is still a huge market that’s usually popular during events such as the Grand National, Glorious Goodwood, Epsom Derby, and others. During these periods, it attracts massive bets. Further, the horse racing calendar of events is vast, thus, making it great to wager throughout the year.


The pay-per-view for boxing competitions has tremendously increased over the recent past, proving that its popularity is far from a dead-end and its fan base is still alive. The sport is not only recognized in the UK and America only but also globally. And while you might believe that boxing isn’t a good pick for bettors, bookmakers are looking to act on the evidence of viewership to attract more supporters to wager in the game.

Surprisingly, unlike the popular belief that a boxing match has only four possible outcomes (TKO, KO, Draw, or Decision), there’s a diverse number of the different outcomes to the wagers you can place. For instance, with a match having up to 12 rounds, punters can bet on which round would be the deciding one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on a Single Sport

To be able to determine how many sports you should wager on depends on your awareness of the pros and cons of betting on a single sport in comparison to placing multiple-game bets.


  • Single-sport bets give you the opportunity of becoming an expert in that sport.
  • One-sport wagers give you an allowance to take more time on calculating the market value.
  • Betting on a single sport allows for any amount of budget. Therefore, it’s pretty convenient even for smaller budgets.


●        Might only have few windows of betting during specific times of the year.

  • Single-sport bets have only a few chances of wagering in comparison to multi-sport bets.

Other Popular Sports for Wagering

Honestly, the popularity of betting sports somehow depends also on the region of the world because some games are common in some areas but not very famous in other regions. However, based on the total number of fan base and viewership, other sports like baseball, rugby, cricket, golf, and basketball make it to the list.

There are some logical reasons behind the fame of these sports:

  • Bookies provide lots of betting options for the games.
  • They have various betting opportunities.
  • They are easily accessible through the web and mainstream media.
  • Information about these sports is diverse and easily accessible.


As evidenced in this guide, there are many sports that you can bet on. From football, down to horse racing, there’s clearly something for everyone when it comes to choosing a sport that will not only be enjoyable but also one that will offer various chances of earning money. Nonetheless, it’s also wiser to get out of your zone and dig deeper into other sporting options that could earn you big money!

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