Tutorial: a Comic page from A to Z with Krita

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– A zip pack with all is available here: http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/videos/2016-08_comic-page-from-a-to-z/comic-page-a-to-z-resources-pack.zip
– Deevad Brushkit version 8.1 bundle for Krita : http://www.davidrevoy.com/article319/krita-brushkit-v8
– Comic page template, Krita file : http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/videos/2016-08_comic-page-from-a-to-z/comic-page-template.kra
– Perspective star grid, PNG image file : http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/videos/2016-08_comic-page-from-a-to-z/perspective-star-grid.png
– Speechbubble library and template, SVG Inkscape file : http://www.peppercarrot.com/extras/videos/2016-08_comic-page-from-a-to-z/speechbubbles-library-template.svg
– Lavi Font, TTF Font file : https://github.com/Deevad/peppercarrot_fonts/raw/master/Latin/Lavi.ttf

**Chapter & Content overview**
0:00:06 Introduction
0:00:32 Disclaimer (french accent)
0:01:00 Chapter 1: Interface of Krita
0:01:00 Dockers,brushkit and tool-option in toolbar
0:01:53 Chapter 2: Preproduction
0:01:53 Script-scenario
0:02:46 Timelapse: storyboard
0:03:55 Subwindows mode
0:04:34 Template page
0:13:51 Chapter 3: Drawing (black&white speedpainting)
0:13:51 Composition vector layer
0:15:50 Canvas border color
0:17:22 Workflow: sketching with lines VS paint with mass
0:20:19 Timelapse: black&white speedpainting
0:22:21 Explaining previous timelapse
0:23:45 Perspective grid
0:28:08 Timelapse: black&white speedpainting (detail pass)
0:30:49 Explaining previous timelapse
0:32:39 Trim to image size
0:33:48 Save As VS Save incremental
0:34:37 Chapter 4: Inking
0:34:37 The Brush preset I use (pencil)
0:37:20 The numpad ‘/’ to switch to last preset
0:37:52 Stabilizer: how to find a good setting
0:40:40 Timelapse: inking main panel
0:42:40 Explaining the previous timelapse
0:44:46 The Mirror mode with M
0:45:23 Timelapse: inking last part
0:47:24 Explaining the previous timelapse
0:48:50 Pure black&white page
0:53:59 Page for beta-translator version
1:00:03 Chapter 5: Adding text with Inkscape
1:00:03 Why not in Krita?
1:00:42 Export a transitional PNG from Krita
1:02:52 Disclaimer about future Krita text-tools
1:04:22 Starting Inkscape, setting page
1:07:04 Comic-speechbuble-template file
1:09:12 Adding text
1:11:07 Adding speechballoon
1:14:46 Adding soundFX
1:17:06 Chapter 6: Color sketch
1:17:06 Preparing the gray value, color balance
1:23:45 Timelapse: color-sketch with blending mode brushes
1:26:18 Explaining the previous timelapse
1:27:34 Chapter 7: Colored Lineart
1:27:34 Colored Lineart technique, alpha lock and isolate layer
1:32:59 Chapter 8: Detailing
1:32:59 Timelapse: Cleaning and painting detail
1:36:51 Chapter 9: Post-production
1:36:51 Color dodge light sources
1:37:29 Fog effect with a lighten layer
1:38:00 Water reflection effect with GMIC filters
1:38:36 Gloss and white stroke on the top, paint-over
1:39:43 Timelapse: paint-over pass
1:40:55 Explaining the previous timelapse
1:41:30 Sharpen filter layer
1:44:32 Epilogue
1:45:12 Thanks patrons!
1:45:39 End credit

## Licenses

This resources are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 to “David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com”.
Additional custom rules for being friendly with other artist:
– This attribution is necessary in case of redistributing, commercializing, or modifying the resources themselves.
– This attribution is not necessary in case of usage (you can paint any artwork you want with it, you still own totally your artwork).
– This attribution is not necessary in case of doing screenshot/screenrecording or using them in a public demo.
Exception: Lavi Font:( by Ruben Holthuijsen aka Rholt, modification by David Revoy and Sölve Svartskogen; GNU GPL V3 )

This video is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
– Artwork/Video/Comments: David Revoy, davidrevoy.com
– Intro harp sound: sfx_oriental_harp3 by Soughtaftersounds on Freesound
– Timelapse music: Perspective by Kevin McLeod, www.incompetech.com
(credit also visible at the end-screen of the video)

Artwork: Krita 3.0.1alpha1.appimage
Text: Inkscape 0.91 r13925
Screenrecord: SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.6
Video: BlenderVSE 2.77a
Audio: Audacity 2.1.2
System: Manjaro XFCE 64bit GNU/Linux workstation


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