What is printable escape room experience?

What is printable escape room experience?

Escape room games take place in locked rooms. Players are required to escape the room. They need to find clues, solve the mysteries (puzzles), finish tasks, and leave the room, all while having a lot of fun. Simply put, escape room is a live-action team-based game where players work together to accomplish the end goal. With that in mind, while many people have experienced an escape room, what is a printable escape room experience? That is what we will try to explain together.

What is printable escape room experience?

What is a DIY escape room game?

Escape room games are adventure experiences. They are mostly run as a professional business. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun at home, and use your very own kit.

DIY escape room printable games are a great way to bring the experience at the convenience of your home. Are you bored with all the card and board games you and your friends play on a Friday evening? Do you want something new and with more adrenaline? That is where escape room games make their money.

Some DIY escape room games are self-contained. Others can be adapted and adjusted, and with some personal touches added. Printable escape room kits contain a story, puzzles, clues, and all the setup directions you need for a great experience. Some even have objects that you need to use to set up the game. And then there are those that go in the virtual world, adding online components like applications and websites for checking answers.

How to get one?

Some people want to design their own escape room game. And that is fine. But not all of have the time to do that. And when there is no escape room in the city you live, or anywhere close, getting a printable design kit online seems like an ideal and perfect solution.

You can easily download the kit as PDF file, print the puzzles, and you are ready to play. Some printable kits come with a Spotify playlist that will set the mood for your game.

Printable kits can range from simple to complex, from a two-player game (date night anyone?) to four and six-player games. Playing a challenge together will bring the whole group together.

Simply put, a printable escape room game kit will transform your space into an adrenaline rush adventure. You just download the kit, print it out, and you can party anywhere you like. Yes, that is right, you can set up the room in any space you like, be it your house, your friend’s house, or anywhere else.

What do you get in printable escape room kit?

This is the question most people have when it comes to what is printable escape room experience. Will you get everything you need for the game? Yes, of course. Here is a quick breakdown of every item you will find in the printable escape room kit.

  • Pre-made puzzles that will save you time on thinking about how to make the next puzzle for your game. These kits can have up to 50 printable puzzle cards, including everything you need so you can start playing ASAP
  • Easy to follow setup instructions that will help you design the room and set up so you can play. These instructions come with a guide that will prevent you from getting stuck at any point
  • Escape room kits also come with printable and editable posters, and party invites for your friends. This way, you make the date even more interesting. Send your friends the invites via Facebook, email, or anything else
  • Some games come with a builder’s toolkit, that will allow you to customize your game to your liking. You don’t want a puzzle? Easily remove it, add another, or change the puzzle
  • Custom music for your game. Just play the background music when guests arrive, and you are ready to rumble

Benefits of escape room games

If you are interested in getting a printable escape room kit, you already know that playing an escape room is super fun. But it is also beneficial for your health. Here are a number of ways escape room games help you grow as a person.

  • Improve brain health, as solving puzzles is a treat for your brain, providing a healthy dose of dopamine with every new puzzle you solve
  • Escape room games improve your concentration skills. Putting your focus on the task before you is something we all have to learn in life, and escape room games help us achieve that
  • Practice communication skills, both talking and listening. During the game, you will have to talk to other team members, but also listen to their suggestions. Listening is a skill not many people possess in life, but escape room games force you to listen, of course, if you like to win
  • Learn how to approach people and problems before you, and give the person you approach the important information needed
  • Practice teamwork skills. There is no I in an escape room team. You have to work together. That is why escape room games are also a great team-building experience
  • Improve your time awareness push you to the limit in terms of ticking clock. You get 60 minutes to escape a room, and that is that. With the time pressure, you learn how to function optimally in a pressure situation better
  • Encourage critical thinking, as most puzzles require you to think outside of the box in order to solve them
  • You learn how to depend on your brain for solving the problem, not on your muscles. You are given instructions in the room, but you have to think and solve the puzzle
  • Enhance your creativity, as you are looking for new and new ways to solve the puzzles, finish tasks, and leave the room
  • Develop attention to details, every detail is important in an escape room. Missing one detail can prevent you from solving the puzzle, and eventually, winning the game
  • Last, but not least, an escape room builds empathy and brings you closer with your friends and family. Isn’t that enough to embark on such a journey? Get your printable kit now!


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