Top 20 predictions from Kurzweil – Future Technologies

Top 20 predictions from Kurzweil – Future Technologies
We live in the most “interesting” period mankind has ever known. At list that s what Ray Kurzweil thinks. He s a computer scientist, inventor and futurist. He s the author of 5 bestsellers and holds a variety of awards and honors. Ray invented the CCD flatbed scanner and the text-to-speech synthesizer. Today he works at google on the projects involving machine learning and language processing. Not long ago Ray came up with a new forecast and although many people think that those things are unlikely to happen even in a distant future, it is still a rather interesting prediction. Let us not forget that technological capabilities grow exponentially and what seems like a fairy tale today can easily become a reality of tomorrow. So here are top 20 predictions from Kurzweil.

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