Concept Artist portfolio mistake #1 – No Character breakdowns!

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I see a lot of portfolios that don’t have proper breakdowns or orthographics or callouts for their character designs. Sheets like these in your portfolio will help you get character design jobs in the video game industry. I should emphasize that not every art director will agree on this. But for the studios that I’ve worked for, this is a nice format to communicate an idea very thoroughly so that it can be modeled in 3d.

Things I’ve worked on:
Overwatch (PC, PS4)
League of Legends (PC)
Diablo 3 (PC,PS4)
Hearthstone (Mobile, PC)
Burning Crusade (PC)
Wrath of the Lich King (PC)
Unsung Story
Final Fight Streetwise (PS2)
He Man (GBA)
Terminator 3 (GBA)
CannonBallers (Mobile)
Twilight Monk
Nova Colony
Galaxy’s Edge
Millenium Actress
Goblins and Gnomes

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