Most CRAZY Superhero Gadgets That Exist TODAY!

Check out these crazy superhero gadgets that actually exist today! From spiderman his superpowers to other futuristic technology inventions, this top 10 list of amazing items from the future is super cool!

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11. Spiderman Gloves
Have you ever wanted to be like Spiderman and run or climb up walls with only your hands and feet? Why not? Spiderman was my favorite superhero when I was little so I definitely have!
In New York, engineers at Cornell University invented a palm-sized gadget to allow you to do just that. It uses the surface tension in water to create a reverse-adhesive bond to stick to glass, wood, and brick. Soon, they’ll be able to put this technology on gloves and shoes to give the wearer Spiderman-like abilities.
The inspiration, though, didn’t come from our friendly, neighborhood webslinger. It was actually inspired by a palmetto tortoise beetle. Native to Florida, this beetle uses surface tension from tiny, pore-sized droplets of secreted oil at the top of its legs to climb and stick to surfaces.
Scientists also discovered that the more holes containing water, the stronger the suction became. The theory, then, is that if they made the holes containing water thinner than the width of a human hair, then there would be enough suction to hold an entire person to a surface. However, there’s a problem: unsticking. If something is that strong, it would be harder to peel yourself away from the wall.
Scientists believe they already have a solution for that: an electrical field. The field reverses the suction, allowing the person to unstick themselves from the wall, on demand.

10. Iron Man Exoskeleton
Are you jealous of Iron Man? Well now you can be Iron Man yourself!! Some military geniuses have created an Iron Man exoskeleton.
Coined “Iron Man” – I think you got it by now- it is meant to help humans become stronger. This exoskeleton increases a soldier’s mobility and strength using basic robotics. These robotics enhance and multiply whatever movement the soldier makes. That means a normal punch that would leave only a bruise, can now break through thick wooden planks. Soldiers can lift rockets and rocket launchers as if they were shotguns. That puts the exoskeleton closer to a real life Mech.
On top of that, the exoskeleton can also fly, though it wouldn’t be able to do the extreme aerial acrobatics that Marvel’s Iron Man is known for.
Another exoskeleton, in development by the US Army, has a Terminator twist to it. Called the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS, the suit would be made of a liquid armor that would solidify on command. Not only would it shield the wearer against harm but it will also enhance the wearer’s strength. We are getting close to real human/robot hybrids!

9. Batman Armor and Helmet
Batman’s superpower is the fact that he’s rich, and he can fight really well in his awesome suit. In keeping with that, this armor and helmet is also ridiculously expensive. It is also bullet-proof, light, agile, and comes with visual displays. And when I say it’s agile, I mean it. The wearer can run and flip around freely without worrying about it wearing you down!
Developed by the Air Force, the armor and helmet are called the Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided kNowledge, or BATMAN for short. Yes, I know “knowledge” starts with a “k” but someone really wanted the acronym to be Batman. And can you blame them? Batmak kind of misses the whole point…
The armor was created to modernize the gear commandos use while on combat missions. It had to protect but also be light and covert. While a commando would normally carry 160 pounds of equipment, the BATMAN decreases the amount of weight. The visual displays come from a small computer near the chest and help the soldier know their logistical position and which tactics to use in any situation.
Finally, the suit has an option to recharge its batteries using the Bat Hook. No, not kidding. It’s really called that. It’s a hook that you can throw onto a power line, and the hook connects to the grid, which recharges the suit.
The only thing this thing is missing is a utility belt.

8. Myo Armband
Let’s switch from the military to civilians. Have you ever wanted to use the Force?
Star Wars mania is sweeping the world right now, with hundreds of children—and adults—pretending to use the Force on each other or objects. But what if you really could? Well, if you’re willing to shell out $200 dollars, you can.

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