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Dormammu’s Concept Art is a Million Times Better Than His Final Design.

What’s up guys. Welcome back to the channel. Raccoon here. I’m sure you’re just like me, and you love to see concept art. Sometimes those designs are really awesome. Sometimes they’re really strange. Sometimes they’re covered in twenty differenty pouches and have two left feet.

But, they’re always really fun to look at. Imagining what could have been, what should have been… that’s our jam at the channel. So if you hang on for one quick second, I’m going to show you some concept art for Dormammu, the big baddie from Doctor Strange. Beause it’s definitely worth checking out.

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Let’s dive into it!

Dormammu. He’s the Dark Dimension bad guy from the Doctor Strange movie. If you remember that flick, you’ll recall that he was basically a giant purple guy with vertical waves in his face that oscillated outwards, like giant radar blips.

That design was really cool, but it wasn’t so horrifying. You know, if Dormammu is supposed to be an absolutely terrifying creation from the Dark Dimension, and since the director of that flick was reknowned for horror movies, I expected the big baddie to really get under my skin and cause me nightmares.

But he didn’t.

He just reminded me of a cross between the Kool-Aid man and Galactus.

I still thought he was cool, just in case you thought I was being too negative.

But this concept art that we found is so much better.

This was made by artist Jarad Marantz when he worked on the film. He explained that this was during a time in the Dormammu design phase when the filmmakers wanted a more human look. It really reminds me of Lucifer from the Constantine films, or Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2. The latter character the most, to be honest.

The design that Scott Derrickson eventually landed on was a smart choice, as it was most tonally consistent with other characgters in the MCU. But the one that Jared Marantz made would for sure give me nightmares.

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