Marvel's Avengers Game | Development Complete? | Over 100 Gear Perks?!

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Marvel’s Avengers Game Development is finally complete. And the lead combat designer has confirmed that it’ll have over 100 gear perks. What’s going on guys? RBG here hitting you with more coverage on Marvel’s Avengers. And this is somewhat of a follow-up video regarding the level up system. About a month ago we got an indepth explanation from this game’s lead combat designer. Things like how the skill types will allow the player to choose between 3 different functions of the skill at any time. And how the additional combo strings will have tons of variety. But there was some more details that I may have glossed over. The development has been very grueling but I think it’s finally complete. But as I was saying guys I left out quite a bit of info regarding the skills and gear system. For the most part we were able to breakdown substantial amount of information. Like how the skills and heroic abilites will all feature custom functionalities seperate from ground and aerial combat. And the additional combo stings from traversal attacks for each hero. Reading stuff like this made me question exactly how much time and attention the developers were gonna put into the game. Because it’s obviously gonna take a lot of work. These are characters who’ve shown to have a plethora of unique abilites. I specifically think of Iron Man because he’s literally the kitchen sink when it comes to everything he can do. He has the missiles, the lasers, and the signature pulsar blast. And the fact that he possesses flight capabilities makes you wonder how flexible his combat is gonna be and how many different perks you’ll have at your disposal. I’m still trying to figure out how the developers are gonna do the animations for the thrusters on all of the different Iron Man suits. Well as I mentioned in my last video the lead combat designer for Marvel’s Avengers took to reddit to answer some of our questions. Someone asked if the artifacts would work similar to how Marvels Heroes Legendary items worked. He talks about what went into Marvel’s Avengers combat development and how it’ll have over 100 Gear Perks.

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