Future technology: Invisible tank, real Iron Man combat suit and floating cities compilation

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1. Obrum, part of Poland Defence Holdings, has revealed its latest product, the Tank PL-01 CONCEPT at the MSPO 2013 defence exhibition. In cooperation with Polish companies and British conglomerate BAE Systems, the PL-01 which weighs 35 tonnes, measures 7 meters long, 3.8 meters wide and 2.8 meters high. Three people can fit in the hull of the vehicle.

2. The U.S. Special Operations Command (Ussocom) called on scientists to develop a lightweight smart suit using kevlar and nanotechnology that functions as a ‘practical exoskeleton’ to protect soldiers from shrapnel and bullets.

3. NASA envisions a mission to Venus that could eventually result in the construction of a floating city of solar-powered airships above Venus’ clouds where humans could be able to live permanently.

4. The XSTAT Rapid Hemostasis System made by RexMedX uses tablet-sized sponges that absorb blood and expand to stop bleeding.

5. Is it possible to survive a plane crash? If you’re in a detachable cabin it is, according to Russian engineer Vladimir Tatarenko.

6. No longer just science fiction, cryogenic sleep could send astronauts far into space for less money and with less of a negative psychological impact.

7. A freestanding space tower sounds like the stuff of Star Wars, but a Canadian company is now one step closer to making it a reality after its ‘space elevator’ structure got patented in the UK and US.

8. Boeing has obtained a patent for a shockwave attenuation system, that generates a shield using lasers, electricity and microwaves after detecting a nearby explosion.

9. A design for a 3D-printed cast has been dubbed one of the finalists for the 2013 James Dyson Award. The cast, called the Cortex Exoskeleton and designed by Jake Evill, is meant to be more flexible and convenient than traditional orthopedic plaster casts.

10. At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies are now in possession of a radar device that allows them to detect human movements through walls.

11. Samsung’s Safety Truck was developed and tested in Argentina, where traffic accident rates are among the highest in the world.

12. An Australian company is working on a new technology that promises to generate zero-carbon electricity and turn seawater into drinkable fresh water by utilising sea waves.

13. An array of 64 speakers emitting three finely-tuned sound waves was used to manipulate an object. The first wave is a tweezer-like beam that can grip, move and rotate a small object. The second one behaves like an acoustic vortex which can hold the object in space. The third field works like a cage, trapping the object.

14. “In the future, we will not only have 14 billion light bulbs, we may have 14 billion Li-Fis deployed worldwide for a cleaner, greener and even brighter future,” German physicist Harald Haas said.

15. A Polish company has been developing mini drones, dubbed “Bee”, that can be deployed on reconnaissance missions as well as attached to military vehicles to assist the infantry units during attacks.

16. People dying for a more eco-friendly alternative to cremation now have the option of liquefying their bodies in a steel container called the Resomator.

17. The new invention by researchers at the University of West England contains fuel cells which use bacteria to create power from waste fluid and was inspired by the cardiovascular system of fish.

18. A British company has invented a new type of concrete designed to rapidly absorb water that could be used to help mitigate the damage caused by flash flooding.

19. Boeing obtained a patent for a drone and related charging system that would allow the aircraft to remain aloft indefinitely. Titled “Autonomous aircraft with disconnectable tether,” Boeing’s patent describes a lighter-than-air craft that connects to charging towers.

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