Characters That Ended Up Looking Completely Different from Concept Art

These Characters Look A Lot Different Than Concept Art
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Welcome back, ScreenRanters! Whenever a film is undergoing pre-production, the filmmakers will bring in some concept artists to put together some ideas for the character’s design. Well, this happens in superhero films a lot. Due to the internet, the wonderful artists have shown the fans of Marvel and DC their original drawings. Many of which take inspiration from the comics. It gives us a look at what could have been on our screen. Some are better in the art; some are better in the film. But each is fun to look at. We’re going to take a look at the MCU and DCEU characters.
Now, for what you can see in the video. For no spoilers, it’s best if you watch the video immediately. Firstly, we have an entry all about the Deadpool film. Specifically, about the X-Men’s Colossus. We have another entry that looks at T’Chaka’s suit in Black Panther. Another piece takes us to look at 2016’s Suicide Squad. Especially at Harley Quinn and Enchantress. We have a gruff Hulk from Thor: Ragnarök. We’ll also look at the Guardians Of The Galaxy films. One with Ego and his different look. Another with a weathered Rocket Raccoon. We’ll also take a look at everyone’s favourite Avenger, Hawkeye. See how his design touches on the comics. We have two suit designs in Spider-Man: Homecoming which are awesome. Finally, we have the Batman mech suit in Batman v Superman. It takes a lot of inspiration from the comic, The Dark Knight Rises.

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