The RAREST FUNKO POPS (And The Most Expensive Too)

Meet the rarest funko pops in the world. If you like to collect these peculiar dolls then you will want to have the ones in this video, however some may cost a lot of money.

-Dumbo Clown
One of these rare Funko Pops comes from one of the classic Disney movies from 1941. This is the adorable and famous elephant with big ears, who’s called Dumbo, referring to the word “dumb”.

-Holographic Darth Maul
Who would have thought that the evil, agile and smart character from the Star Wars movie would become a Funko Pop? Without a doubt, the evil also sells.

-Green Lantern
Do you like shiny objects? Are you a DC Comics fan? Do you love Green Lantern? Don’t go anywhere because this Funko Pop was made for you.

-Skeletor black Hood
Finding a Skeletor or He Man in Funko Pops is very rare since they’re not that famous these days.

-Metallic Genie from Aladdin
Everytime we watched the Aladino movies, we wished one of these genies would appear in our lamp and grant us three wishes. That’s why, the creators of the Funko Pops thought about selling this amazing character from a classic Disney movie.

-Boba Fett
Most of the Star Wars fans like to collect stuff about this incredible saga which are extremely expensive since they have a huge sentimental value for them. The Funko Pop community of Star Wars wouldn’t be an exception.

-Ned Stark headless
To remember this sad fact, what’s better than a headless Pop? What’s true is that it didn’t only make the fans go wild since there were only 1008 of these made.

-Bloody Rorschach
This Pop was based on a comic that was released around the 86 and 87. He’s a fictional antihero that was part of the series of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

-Metallic signed Stan Lee
Did you think Pops were only based on fictional characters? The creator of the comics that have cause a great impact in the world is also a Funko Pop and has a special gold version.

-Lotso Flocked Funko Pop
I bet you remember this pink, cute and soft bear from the movie Toy Story 3. I’m sure that now you don’t get tricked by appearances since this bear ended up being the villain of the movie.

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