John Eaves – Famous Concept Artist – Interview – SLC Comic Con 2013

Wesley Productions interviews John Eaves at SLC Comic Con who is an amazing concept artist who’s work has influenced MUCH of the science fiction world!!! From story boarding, prop making, illustrator, prop designer,model maker, John is an old-school artist who still uses pencils. He’s done major design work for movies liken Top Gun, Spaceballs, Terminator 2, SeaQuest DSV, Star Trek V, Star Trek Generations, Star Trek First Contact (including the design of the Enterprise E), Star Trek Insurrection, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Enterprise (major contributor for the Enterprise NX-01), Star Trek Nemesis, the 1980’s movie Inner Space, The Star Trek Online game, as well as G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra, Jurassic Park 4, and some of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Yes, the list goes on… Tomorrowland, Captain America, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, The Green Hornet, Cowboys & Aliens, Oz the Great and Powerful, Evan Almighty, X Men Last Stand, Bones, Sky High, Timeline, Batman Returns, Alien 3, Robocop 2, Die Hard 2… ok… you get the idea.

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