No Tool Nails Tutorial! 5 Nail Art Designs

Nail art tutorial with 5 nail art designs and no nail art tools! Paint your nails in 5 unique nail designs using only a nail polish brush. In this no tools nails tutorial we’ll manicure our nails with 5 easy, but cute nail art designs. We’ll paint our nails with 5 step by step nail art designs or ideas suitable for both, short and long nails and we won’t be using any nail art tools. This nail tutorial is thus really easy and simple, suitable for beginners, but nail designs looks really cool, awesome, adorable and unique. The following nail art designs will be painted on short nails step by step: Ninja Turtle nail art, Cute Flower Nails, Adorable balloons Nails, Pretty penguin nails and scary ghost nail art.These Nail designs can be manicured at home and are really fashionable and just perfect for all nail art, DIY and beauty enthusiasts.

First nail art is epic ninja turtle! Draw a horizontal stripe with darker color and use lighter color on top for the 3d effect. Once you have your eyes disguise manicured take a white and black nail polish and dot eyes on top. Don’t forget to wipe the brush really well so you don’t ruin your nail design. Second nail tutorial is cute flower nails design. Draw three petals with a wide side of the nail brush in the corner of your nail and then take another contrasting color, turn the brush for 90 degrees and paint three shorter and smaller stripes on top. Finally make a rounded shape in the corner of your nail. This nail art design has fashion written all over it! Third DIY nail art design is adorable penguin. Paint your nails with black and take a white polish and draw a vertical stripe on top for penguin’s belly. Next step is to draw a beak with yellow, while the last step is to paint a pair of eyes and your lively penguin nails are done! 4th design is simply the best nail art design I’ve painted. Apply a a thick coat of polish and while it is still wet, dot some dots all over the nail. Finally add a white highlight to make your nail art even more realistic. This cartoonish nail art design is really special and unique because of the cool wet polish technique. Final no tool nail art tutorial is spooky ghost nails. Manicure your nails in black and then draw ghost’s shape with a white nail polish on top. Finally, draw rounded eyes and mouth to make your ghost even scarier. Apply a fast drying top coat on all of your nail art designs for the shine and to bring your designs together. Now you know how to make these easy, simple, but really cute nail designs at home. You can use them for mix and match manicure or paint all your nails with just one. Let me know if you would like to see more similar step by step, easy nail tutorials, designs and ideas in the future.

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