Top 10 Most Powerful DCEU Villains

Since after all these years, we are finally going to see the Justice League Snyder Cut, I decided to make this video to rank the Top 10 Strongest DCEU villains so far.

Which is your favorite?

Ever since Justice League faltered critically and commercially in November 2017, fans have been lobbying to see a different version of the film under the hashtag #releasetheSnydercut. Director Zack Snyder had put together a nearly four-hour version of the movie before a family tragedy pulled him away from the production. Snyder handed over the reins to another director, Joss Whedon, who produced a pop film that dramatically diverged from Snyder’s typically gloomier fare.

A small but loud subset of Snyder’s fans have deployed every trick in the Internet campaign playbook to see this fabled version of the superhero movie: They have spammed Warner Bros.’ social media accounts, bought billboards in Times Square and paid for a plane bearing the hashtag #releasetheSnydercut to fly over San Diego Comic-Con. Some of them have also harassed Whedon and others associated with the DC Extended Universe (DCEU)—accusing them of being “snakes” who worked to undermine Snyder’s vision—and propagated bizarre conspiracy theories about film critics and journalists.

Tactics aside, the #releasetheSnydercut contingent is finally getting its wish, as HBO Max announced Wednesday that the “Snyder cut” of the movie will be released exclusively on its new streaming platform, probably sometime in 2021, after Snyder recovers old footage and completes post-production. It was an unlikely victory: For years, Snyder never confirmed the #Snydercut existed or could be cobbled together, and even die-hard fans admitted the campaign was a long shot. Still, there was precedent: Director Richard Donner was replaced on the 1980 movie Superman II, but after decades of fan lobbying, Warner Bros. finally agreed to release the “Donner cut” of the movie in 2005.

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