Star Wars BB-8 Unboxing Review & Comparison | Sphero, Bladez, Hasbro | James Bruton

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Discussing all things BB-8 in this video, I unbox a whole bunch of BB-8 toys on the market and give a full Star Wars toy unboxing and review. The video includes toys from Disney, Hasbro, Bladez and Sphero all based at different audiences and with different price ranges.

A full conclusive review including the more obscure “driving it down the stairs” test, but hey, you have to be sure, right? All the links to where you can find each toy are below.

If you’re a fan of BB-8 and the Star Wars Franchise then make sure you check out my complete build of a lifesize BB-8 that moves, lights up, makes noises and soon will have moving panels and extra effects.

Inflatable BB-8:
Inflatable R/C R2-D2:
Hasbro BB-8:
Disney Store BB-8:
Sphero BB-8:
Vinyl Pop BB-8:

Links about Sphero, Disney, and how the stage and movie BB-8s were really built at Pinewood:

Sphero has also built a ‘life-sized BB-8’ that has been on display in Sydney, but it cannot move and the article quotes the Sphero CEO as saying – “The creature shop built the props, and they built the ones that move around…”

Info on the Sphero toy stating “Sphero isn’t involved with the creation of the larger versions of the droid you may have seen at events and may come to Disney’s theme parks…”


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