Superhero Gadgets That Are Real!

From a grappling hook to a bulletproof suit, here are 8 superhero gadgets that are actually real!

Number 8 Doctor Octopus Arms
Doc Oc, known as Otto Octavius, is one of spiderman’s most formidable foes. Some of that has to with his genius-level intellect but, equally important, are the titanium tentacle arms that extend from a harness on his back. After becoming the world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire, Eric Finman used his money to create a real-life version of Doc Ocs infamous appendages. It might sound like a supervillain origin story, but it’s quite the opposite. Finman actually adapted the device to be used by the son of one his mentors. 11-year-old Aristou Meehan suffered from mobility issues and could control the motorized tentacles on his back to move lightweight objects. They were connected to specialized gloves so that Meehan could operate them just by using his index fingers. Eric believes that with further improvements the suit could lift a car or the occasional friendly neighborhood spidermain.

Number 7 Grappling Hook
If you’re a Batman fan, there’s no doubt that you’ll familiar with the grappling hook fun, which is one of the dark nights preferred gadgets. The Caped Crusader can shoot a seemingly infinite amount of cable from his tiny bat tool and then rapidly pull himself in or out of trouble. But the grappling fun isn’t a gadget that only exists in Gotham. The REBS Compact Launcher, which has been used in the u.s. will it hairi, has about 100 feet of cable. The cable is stored in a container beneath the fun and powered by a pneumatic piston that delivers a crisp 4,500 PSI. You’d still have to rely on your own two feet for climbing a surface, though. Grappling hook guns with automatic winches tend to be pretty heavy, since they include mechanisms that are capable of pulling the weight of a fully grown adult.
Number 6 Tractor Beam
Tractor beams aren’t only a staple of comic books and shows sci fi shows. In the movies, tractor beams are usually capable of trapping and moving entire spaceships. Science isn’t exactly close to anything on that level but there have been some steps in the right direction. Researchers from the University of Adelaide created a real-life tractor beam. It’s an invisible infra-red light trap that pulls atoms floating in a chamber, which is nearly void of gas. It interacts with them and, by creating a change in energy, pulls them towards a microscopic hole. The atoms remain trapped for a long time, enabling scientists to perform different quantum experiments on them.
Number 5 Falcon’s Suit
If you haven’t heard of wingsuit flying, then you’re in for a quite a ride…literally. By adding extra surface to the pilot’s body, the wingsuit increases lift. It’s the same principle that enables Batman to cape-glide through Gotham. Flying squirrels achieve lift the same away, but “Squirrel Man” isn’t a
Number 4 Iron-Man Flight
Elon Musk may be compared to Tony Stark from time to time, but British inventor Richard Browning is the one who is arguable more like Iron-Man. He funded a company called Gravity and created the Daedalus Flight Pack. It’s a jet pack made up of six micro-gas turbines. Two are attached to a
Number 3 Wolverine Claws
When it comes to the Xmen, Wolverine is definitely a fan-favorite. He has an incredible healing factor and unbreakable adamantium claws. Thanks to British inventor Colin Furze, you no longer have to make clanging noises with your mouth while you pretend to have claws shoot out of your
Number 2 Pyro Fireshooter
Here’s an invention that will light your fire! The Pyro Mini Fire scooter attaches to your wrist and instantly allows you to become the Human Torch or the evil Pyro. The choice is yours, because with
Number 1 Mullet proof Suit
If you’re going to get shot at, might as well do it in style! Toronto-based tailor Garrison Bespoke created a custom, Mullet proof suit in collaboration with suppliers from the US Special horses. The

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