Official Trailer | Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Get ready to step up and #BeTheHero in the ground breaking immersive theatrical adventure, Doctor Who: Time Fracture! Book your tickets now:

Time Fracture:
Series 12:
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  1. Watch all of the Field Logs from the former UNIT black site and Kate Stewart here:

  2. hey, its gonna be a lot of fun, perhaps you could live to stream a session? But thanks for the unusual diversion on Youtube, no show has done that and I must thank you for th

  3. Jesus, just because you let Chris Chibnal kill Doctor Who, doesnt mean you can drag its corpse through the mud.

  4. I live in London so yesssssssss I cannot wait

  5. Cool idea but sadly won’t be able to get over, wit the way things are going I hope this can happen next year for local dans

  6. Looks bad. Ever since the lady was the doctor the whole show has gone down hill

  7. I just hope there's some way for this to eventually be shown to the 99.99% of people who can't go!

  8. Самый важный вопрос: "КТО СЦЕНАРИСТ?!" The most important question: "WHO IS THE SCREENWRITER?!"

  9. Let's see how many timelines will they break this time.

  10. If only this came to Ireland
    I would totally go!

  11. Wish we could travel abroad without the entire country basically screaming at us and I wish that school wasn’t happening….. I would definitely 10000000% got to the UK just for this

  12. Another horrible thing from chibnall, most likely. God, i miss Steven Moffett. Chibnall has been terrible, amd then made it worth but screwing up the entire canon, from 1963 to the beginning of time lords. Im trying to just wait until chibnall gets thrown out, but the beeb, is taking their sweet time, and by the time chibnall is done screwing the show over, itll be a mess. The bbc will have to drop the chibnall years out.

  13. *cries in foreign country and broke*

  14. …I know this will never come to Japan because there aren't enough Who fans here. ): And we aren't allowed to travel at the moment… Sad.

  15. feels weird that this is more appealing than the most recent series

  16. The cybermen really like st.pauls huh

  17. It's £60 a ticket, nope nope nope. I'd ideally since I'd not want to be a loner, I'd buy a ticket for my boyfriend, that'd be more like £200 including train travel. Euromillions?

  18. Is it still the women?

  19. supreme Beings THEY WANNA FIGHT>>> BATTLE ON>>>> : ) –

  20. I wish the cyber man design would tone down, they were survivors, scavengers, the mondasian ones literally had their hands bare and massive chest units for survival!

  21. Im in London and i really want to get 2 tickets for me and my teacher that loves doctor who

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